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03 October 2012

Study shows that you should wear pantyhose/tights/hosiery

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine touted some remarkable claims in life extension and cancer research.

The theory behind the study comes from a Johns Hopkins University study that found a correlation between telangiectasias (spider veins) and longevity. An ancient oriental cure was to bind the legs of the afflicted person. It not only aided, but often cured this malady. The side-effects of which were noted to be: reduced sicknesses, longevity and a recovery of strength.

The trick to 'ancient leg binding' was not to bind the legs too tight, restriction of blood flow is not what is intended here. Systolic blood pressure in the two major arteries of the body has to be increased, but not restricted. 

Pantyhose seem to achieve this perfectly. The correct systolic blood pressure (systolic blood pressure is maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts) forces the plaque build-up out of the heart and arteries harmlessly into the liver to be filtered. It also prevents cancerous cells from attaching themselves to the pulminary walls or other cells.

The increased speed of the blood flow without constant calistentation (extreme exercise) not only improves the purifying process but also (in effect) 'wipes clean' the interior vascular (vein) linings. 

So .... a little compression on your legs by wearing support pantyhose could do your health some good.  

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