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23 October 2012

Proskins Slim Leggings - Review

Saw these Proskins Slim (compression) tights at a store (Activ360) in Novena Square.  These are tights with compression in the legs and are touted to help firming the legs as well as help in reducing cellulite.  These tights/leggings can be worn when you exercise or just lounging around your home.  It is also suitable for those who sit or stand for along hours in the office. Hmm .... so I thought I gave these tights a try since I always sit for long hours at work.  

These Proskin tights may look like any normal pair of black leggings/tights, and they have a rather shiny appearance.  However, they are different.  The fabric exerts a gentle, comfortable squeeze on the limbs to improve blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage.  

These tights also contain caffeine (to boost circulation and promotes fat destruction), retinol (to improve skin firmness) and aloe vera (to soften skin).  These are packed into micro-capsules and woven into the yarns.  However, I really didn't care about the ingredients in these tights that are supposedly there to help make legs look cellulite-free and firmer and to slim the legs.  

When I first took them out of the box, they felt soft and light.  Nothing like those compression tights for active exercise (eg. 2XU, Skins).  They really felt like a pair of footless tights/pantyhose with a very thick denier.  Putting them on was easy as they are very stretchy, yet exerts firm compression on the legs.  Once I had them on my legs, I hardly noticed they were there, probably due to the fact that they were skin-tight (not too tight to cut circulation) and they seems to regulate the body temperature.  They do not feel hot at all, given the hot humid weather here.  These are also quite shiny and smooth, just like a pair of shiny hosiery.  

The compression on the legs was also great.  These seems to work like those support tights, just that these are footless, which also makes it great for wearing at home.  Works fine when I needed to sit in front of my computer at the desk for up to 2 to 3 hours at home.  They were so comfortable that I sometimes even wear them to sleep.  Keeps you warm on rainy/windy nights and cool on warmer nights.  

For the ladies, if you are wearing these to help slim your legs, you will have to wear them for 8 hours daily for up to 28 days to see the slimming effect.  These tights claim to achieve the following as the Proskins trial suggests:

  • 76% slimming efficacy.
  • Up to 2cm reduction on thighs perimeter.
  • 65% efficacy reduction of fat nodes. Redensifying effect.
  • 63% of users stated a reduction of cellulite.
  • 67% felt their jeans were less tight.
  • 72% of users felt lightness sensation.

Only thing is that these tights are not really cheap.  They are priced in the range of 2XU and Skins Compression tights (around S$150 for the full length tights).  

Personally, I am quite happy with the purchase and would consider getting another pair or 2 when they have some kind of sale/offer/promotional price.  


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