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14 August 2012

Pantyhose - Once reserved for women, now men are wearing them

What makes pantyhose so popular is the fact that over these years, they have become a rage for even some men who’ve tried wearing them and were left smitten by its charm.Lately for women, pantyhoses no longer feature in their formal wear. Women are opting to go bare-legged as they feel that pantyhoses are uncomfortable and hot. However,opaque pantyhoses or tights seem to be making a come back, and yet they do not complain that tights are hot and uncomfortable.

The fashion tights lend an extra dose of feminism to women. There is a variety of patterns and colours to choose from. You can have a problem settling for your ideal style statement but you can’t complain of the lack of variety.

Contrary to the popular belief, pantyhoses are not just for women. Men, particularly comfort-conscious men, are increasingly more comfortable wearing the soft undergarments and shorts that are often associated with women. The comfort satin-like feeling not only put the men at ease, even medically, pantyhose have reported tremendous positive reviews.

According to studies, men working long hours standing or sitting at a particular place have reported reduced leg pain, swelling and fatigue. Even the coaches are recommending sportsmen, like athletes, cyclists, fliers and swimmers, to wear tight fitting hosiery to assist them in their sport. Some footballers have worn pantyhose in cold weather to great effect. Pantyhose, it is believed, provides comfortable warmth to athletes better than the thermal underwear (long johns).

In fact, men wearing pantyhose has a rich historical significance as the European aristocracy was widely known to wear pantyhose. And the modern generation has taken this tradition forward and tried to remove the stigma attached to men wearing hosiery.

The soft-n-silky tights/pantyhoses, no doubt, lend an alluring charm to the overall personality of women. A confident woman wearing sexy pantyhose has the world at her feet. And a confident man wearing pantyhose to benefit his body comfort spreads a magnetic charm that is completely unparalleled.


A suitable leg-wear (pantyhose/tights, leggings, etc) is for everyone irrespective of age and sex.

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