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21 August 2012

Men's new fashion - tights and leggings

As you know, menswear has always been about pants, bermuda shorts, shirts, jackets, etc. What caught my eyes, was what was on the legs of the male models.

The male models were wearing LEGGINGS !!! It also seems to pair very well with knee-length bermudas as well.
I must say ... the fashion world is definitely evolving and it seems that leggings and other legwear will soon be making their way into the men's wardrobe.

It may be time to stock up on some leggings and even hosiery (be it male or female pantyhoses, whichever you find more fitting). For a start, maybe get some leggings in the basic colours, like black, grey or brown. For the more adventurous, perhaps brighter colours, like red, purple, etc.

Who says tights, leggings and any other hosiery are for ladies only.  

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