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12 September 2012

How to dry your tights/pantyhose faster?

Ever wished that your tights/pantyhose would dry faster, especially if you are on an overseas trip? If you ha an hotel room and there's a heater in the room during Fall/Winter, then you are lucky. What if there isn't a heater in the room?

One way I found to be quite useful is to use a thick bath towel. Those that the hotel provided are good enough.

First, you would wash your tights/hosiery as you would normally do. By hand and with warm water, with a little travel wash. Before you hand those clean, soaking wet tights over the clothes line over the bath tub, get hold of a bath towel.

What you want to do is to lay the tights/pantyhose flat on the bath towel. Then roll the bath towel with thepantyhose/tights in it. Then give the rolled up bath towel a good wring to squeeze the water out of the pantyhose/tights. Then hang the hose on the clothes line over the bath tub.

Amazingly, the tights/pantyhose would be dry the next morning or within the next 12 hours, without the use of the heater!! Works for me every time.

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